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5 Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 Season 10 You Would Love

Overwatch 2 Season 10

Overwatch 2 is an exciting gameplay that never fails to amaze its players. Wait a minute! You might be already aware of what Overwatch 2 is, and how you can play it. If you are here, you are likely an Overwatch enthusiast. No overwatch match can be completed without a tank hero.

People have varying choices among them, but some of them are well-liked by the masses. Choosing a tank for your team might be daunting, but if you ace this choice, you can turn the battle in your favour. Let’s not delay, and look at what the best tank heroes are in Overwatch 2 season 10. We will talk about their pros and cons so you will have better rides for them.

Tank Tiers

Let us briefly talk about what a tank does. The primary role of a tank is to create space for its allies and absorb the incoming damage from the enemies. The efforts of the tank enable the team to secure enemy kills. I never watch, tanks have been classified into 4 tiers that are;

  • C-tier – characters falling in the c tier are a little slower for the face-running version.
  • B tier- Strong enough for a match, but weaker than the higher tiers.
  • A tier – An rounder hero with valuable kits along.
  • S tier – is always the best pick no matter what situation it falls in.


This list is only a general classification. If you read about their abilities, you will get a better idea of their functioning.

Position 1: Orisa

Orisa received many new updates, and playing with them can be a little challenging. Her HP level is lower than the other tanks, but perhaps she does not need it. She has two exceptional defensive abilities that do not allow her to get damaged. This is her javelin and fortune. Orisa moves towards the enemies with these two defensive abilities alongside her, so the enemies can never target her.

Her major offensive ability is the Augmented fusion drive. It relies on fires at a constant and Fabaceae. To damage even the strongest enemy heroes. The only drawback of this gun is the overheating g due to excessive usage.


  • Augmented Fusion Driver: Automatic weapon that deals more damage at close range. Effective for sustained fire in battles.
  • Energy Javelin: Throws a javelin that stuns and knocks back enemies. More effective if enemies are knocked into a wall.
  • Fortify: Grants extra health and reduces damage taken for a short duration. It helps Orisa survive in tough situations.
  • Javelin Spin: Spins the javelin to destroy incoming projectiles and block melee attacks. You can push enemies back.
  • Terra Surge (Ultimate): Pulls in nearby enemies while gaining Fortify effects.


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Position 2: Ramattra

Ramattra is a robotic omnic that allows him to switch between two different personalities. One of them is a close-range attacker, while the other is a long-range poking fighter. Ramattra is the first tempo tank with the two forms. He has a Zero fall-off Void accelerator for the attack and a Void barrier for defense. While in the enemy’s form, he uses Pummel attacks to harm the enemies. 


His ravenous Vortex ability stays in place of the matter form he is in. It extends across a big radius and slows down the enemies present in this circle. He will also see airborne targets on the floor. It is a way Ramattra uses to collect the enemy before he uses the Ultimate Annihilation. Annihilation has a light but consistent damage rate.


  • Void Accelerator: Fires small projectiles and can create a temporary barrier to block enemy attacks.
  • Nemesis Form: if it transforms into Nemesis form, Ramattra gains armor and powerful punches instead of projectiles. It increases survivability and melee damage.
  • Ravenous Vortex: Throws a device that creates a slowing field. It damages and pulls enemies to the ground.
  • Annihilation (Ultimate): Emits an energy swarm around Ramattra. This continuously damages enemies and extends its duration as long as it remains close to enemies​
Position 3: Sigma

Sigma might be a late hero, but he was worth the wait. He is the only tank that stays at the back. He loves to play in closed corridors or always, unlike many other tanks. His attacks often bounce off the walls. You can call Sigma a medium-ranged hero, as his fire will automatically break once it reaches a specific distance. It is not affected by the nearby items.

Sigma has a defensive shield with a low recharging time so you don’t have to wait for too long. Sigma has a unique feature. He can turn the damage from the enemy into his health. However, this health can even exceed the original limit. He is the best tank to counter the other tanks because of his unique abilities.


  • Hyperspheres: Launches two explosive charges that can bounce off walls and deal area damage on impact.
  • Kinetic Grasp: Absorbs incoming projectiles and converts them into additional shields. This will give extra protection.
  • Accretion: Gathers debris and launches it at an enemy. It will knock them down and deal damage.
  • Experimental Barrier: Deploys a floating shield that Sigma can reposition and recall as needed.
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate): Lifts enemies into the air and then slams them down. It deals a huge amount of damage that can disrupt enemy formations​.
Position 4: Doomsfit

Despite his lack of a good health pool, you never call him a bad hero. He still falls in the top 5 tanks of the Overwatch 2 season 10. This is because of his quick strike. He can combat the enemy for escape depending on the situation. His head cannon is a simple and easy-to-use weapon that makes it suitable for beginners.

Doomsift can punch the opponents away from him and his team. Using this, you can either push an enemy into a bad situation where your allies would kill him, or you can push them away and stop their action. So you can get the best from Doomsfit but only if you know how to ace this hero.


  • Hand Cannon: Fires a short-range burst of pellets from his knuckles.  It will reload automatically over time.
  • Seismic Slam: Leaps forward and slams into the ground. It pulls enemies toward him and harms them.
  • Power Block: Reduces damage taken from frontal attacks and charges his next Rocket Punch if enough damage is blocked.
  • Rocket Punch: Charges up a powerful punch that knocks enemies back. The damage is even greater if they hit a wall.
  • Meteor Strike (Ultimate): Using this, Doomsift leaps into the air and crashes down at a targeted location. It deals massive damage to enemies in the impact zone​
Position 5: Winston

Winston has been back in a stable place after many struggles. His playstyle is not very complicated. He has a protective shield that lies under his feet. A major drawback of this hero is the lack of any lethal ability. However, his utility is a great addition to your team.

He can create tons of mayhem, capturing paints and later escapes safely. Winston does not end up staying around his team to protect them, His shield is large enough for his team. His ultimate works best on maps where numerous edges are present. Winston can be a great pick depending on the enemy heroes because he serves best to counter specific heroes like Torbjorn and Symmetra.


  • Tesla Cannon: Fires a short-range electric beam that damages all enemies in front of Winston. This is best for hitting multiple targets at once.
  • Jump Pack: Leaps to a target location to harm the opponents upon landing. It can be used for both engagement and escape.
  • Barrier Projector: It is a dome-shaped barrier that absorbs damage and protects allies inside it. You can use it to control space and shield teammates.
  • Primal Rage (Ultimate): Winston gains increased health through his ultimate gives greater melee damage and a powerful knockback effect with each punch.  It is great for disrupting enemy teams and securing objectives​.
Final Thoughts

This was our list of 5 best tank hours of Overwatch 2 season 10. You are not bound to choose among them, because the preferences of all players vary. This does not mean that other tank heroes are any less. All the tank heroes in Overwatch are exceptional characters with unique abilities. Some of them are liked by players, while some may have a few drawbacks. So, always pick the hero that you want and plan your image accordingly.

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